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Vintage_nude_bust_photograph_of_a_young_denuded_ladyIf you’ve read all 150 shades of grey and you’re hanging out for a little more, grab a copy of The Bits that Didn’t Fit and get into Promises and Promiscuity for a dose of hard-core Jane Austin.

The Countdown Begins

Preparing for the launch with Jackie Kerin

The Bits that Didn’t Fit is launching tomorrow, at The Substation, Newport.

Auckland’s Punk Scene: Fact or Fiction

The story Going Down is a highly fictionalised account of the rise and fall of rival punk bands “Loud Scum” and “Rooted” (Proud Scum and the Terrorways).
This story was first published under the name of Vans, and starts at the disco and punk clubs, Boogie Nights and Anarchy. These are based on the real life clubs Babe’s Disco and Zwines.
The story tells of racial tension and violence – the accounts are highly fictionalised but the racial tension and violence were definately real.
In the story, “Loud Scum” travel to Hamilton for a gig at Jupiters. Absoluely true – Proud Scum’s only gig outside Auckland – before they headed to Sydney. They get very wasted on ether – true – and play terribly to an indifferent crowd – true and true – then drive back to Auckland to get to the big party – true.
Most of the rest of the story is fiction – except:
* The Terrorways had played at Jupiters a few weeks earlier
* Many fans travelled down to support the Terrorways – but none came to support Proud Scum
* Both bands were paid less than the agreed rate by Jupiters
* Proud Scum did miss out on the party – almost everyone had left by the time they arrived at 3am
* The Terrorways did do a gig in Wellington.  Does that make them the more successful band? Surely not.

As I reworked this story, over a number of years, one of the themes that developed further was the rivalry between the two bands – and there’s certainly some truth there.
Looking back, thirty plus years on, it’s hard to say who was the most successful band. But I will say this, Proud Scum has a listing in Wikipedia. The Terrorways don’t.
JJ – May 2012

Launch confirmed

Launch Details

The launch of The Bits is scheduled for 1st July, 3pm, at The Substation, Market Street, Newport, 3015. Be there.

The Bits that Didn’t Fit now available in bookshops

The Bits is creeping onto bookshelves. Book and Paper in Williamstown and The Sun Bookshop in Yarraville are now stocking The Bits that Didn’t Fit. Copies are available from The Sun stall at The Williamstown Literary Festival this weekend, and I’ll be reading from the book on Sunday (some time around the middle of the day) at the Open Mike at Willy Lit Fest.

Auckland’s Punk Scene

“It was October ‘78 when I first stumbled onto Auckland’s punk scene. I’d gone to the new disco in town, Boogie Nights, which was the bottom floor of an old two-storey warehouse in a back lane off Queen Street. The top floor, although I didn’t know it at the time, was the punk club Anarchy.”

an extract from the story Going Down, a fictionalised account of the rise and fall of Proud Scum and The Terrorways.

Going Down

Going Down charts the rise and fall of rival punk bands, Loud Scum and Rooted. Do these names sound familiar?

Hot off the press

Hot off the press

Books are back from the printers. Get em while they’re hot.

a story for everyone

This book has something for everyone.

The secret to a successful book launch…

I recently went to the launch of Us Karen – it was huge. There were over 300 people there and around 300 books were sold. Wow. And I realised that the secret to its success was largely down to the subject matter. The author, Richard Dove, had chosen to write about an oppressed ethnic minority – the Karen people of Burma. So I’ve done the same thing, only I’ve written about New Zealanders, a people forced to leave their homeland to come to Australia and live on the dole.