Out now on Kindle – The Misplaced Ring

A beautiful woman, her older lover, her neighbour, her boss and her lover’s wife collide in three intertwined tales of misplaced love, lust and loyalty. A seductive, slippery and surrealistic slide into the slapstick of seedy suburban serenity.

EDEN UNPLUGGED: the sequel to Eden out soon

For four years the people of Eden have lived an idyllic life on a pristine planet with easy access to Earth. But the gateway is closing, leaving Eden less perfect; and for the seven billion souls stuck on Earth, no Planet B.

Now available as eBooks on Amazon and Kobo

“Eden” and “Walking the Dog” are now available as eBooks on Amazon and Kobo. Other titles to follow soon. The 21st century is upon us. The paperback will one day become an oddity like the 12″ vinyl record – collected rabidly by a handful of fanatics.

Eden launched at Willy Lit Fest: Saturday 16th June

Eden was launched at 5.00pm to 6.00pm on Saturday 16th June in the old Council Chamber at Williamstown Town Hall, as part of the Willy Lit Fest.

Synopsis: Eden

Set in the immediate future, and told from multiple points of view, Eden is an escapist fantasy, a commentary on planet Earth’s woes and a crime thriller.
Doug Winchcombe, a brilliant but chronically introverted, physicist discovers a gateway to another planet. A perfect world he names Eden. He returns to Eden daily, amazed by its wonders and content in its tranquillity. But a perfect world needs more than one inhabitant.
He recruits his nephew, Matthew, and together they encourage others to join them, building a viable population as they discover the wonders and secrets of Eden and the pitfalls of building a society from scratch.
A perfect world attracts imperfect people, though. Doug’s boss wants to claim the discovery for herself. His greedy brother wants to make a fortune while plunging the rest of the planet into debt and the CIA agents won’t disclose what they want.
Doug seeks peace and quiet. Matthew wants to sleep with Sandra but she’s more interested in feeding the starving millions of Earth. Ingrid is building a university, Ayumu is drafting the Constitution of Planet Eden and Yousef and Sara just want to find somewhere safe. Dakota is launching commando raids on Earth and a Twitter war with the POTUS, while Chief Inspector Branston is racing against the clock to solve the most intriguing missing person case of his career.
Poignant, funny, and populated by an international cast of diverse characters, Eden is a planet for everyone.

Finished the manuscript and looking for a publisher…

George and Moana: a Love Story

I’m looking for a home for George and Moana, an erotic short story.
George is an overweight accountant, nearing retirement.  Moana is a gorgeous goddess, twenty-two years his junior.  But love is blind.

It Grows on Trees

Have completed the first draft of “It Grows on Trees”, the continuation of the Kidman family saga.  It’s eleven years on and Mark’s father is dying.  His son, Nelson, takes up the story.

Launch Confirmed for Walking the Dog

Walking the Dog is being launched at 2pm on Sunday 1st June as part of the Williamstown Literary Festival.

dog walk


Coming Soon: Walking the Dog

Expected launch date May 2014.

Walking the Dog cover front Walking the Dog is a series of interconnected stories with the narrative arc of a novel. These stories can be read individually or sequentially.

Set in the immediate neighbourhood of the Parker family, in Melbourne’s western suburbs, Walking the Dog tells tales of love, family, friendship, voyeurism, infidelity, jealousy, mortality and dogs.


Printing as we speak: The Bits That Didn’t Fit

The Bits That didn't FitComing Soon

The Bits that didn’t Fit is a collection of stories inhabited by the loose nuts, bolts and washers of society. Tales told by the queer, the quirky and the downright demented.

The misfits of society. The sad, the sick, the funny and the tragic. The bits that don’t fit.

My father used to tell me stories, when I was young, about the men he worked with on ships and at power stations. He worked in a very male world, a world where men did crazy things. His tales were always funny and frequently tragic. [Read more…]