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Walking the Dog cover front
Walking the Dog is available at The Sun Bookshop, Yarraville and Polyester Books, Fitzroy.

The multi-talented Peter Rowley to launch Walking the Dog

The multi-talented New Zealand actor, comedian and dog impersonator, Peter Rowley, is launching this collection at the Williamstown Library gallery, as part of the Willy Lit Fest. Woof woof.

Warning: Walking the Dog contains no drugs or rock n roll

Just sex, dogs and going for a stroll.

Jonathan and Coco preparing for the launch

Jonathan and Coco preparing for the launch

Meet the Parkers

Peter Parker is not a Peeping Tom; he just likes to glance over the neighbour’s fences as he walks past.  Although sometimes he does glance for a little too long.

Michelle Parker lives a totally fulfilled life as a stay at home suburban mother.  Mostly.

They’re happily married.  Mostly.  And they get on well with their neighbours.  Mostly.

Christopher Parker starts as a helpless baby and grows into a very capable four year old.  Capable of getting himself into trouble.

And Gemma Parker is their faithful pet: Christopher’s protector, Peter’s conscience and Michelle’s soul mate.

The Parkers explore temptation, jealousy, love, loss and rivalry, never straying more than walking distance from their home in Melbourne’s western suburbs.