1) Is this book autobiographical?

No, not at all. The character of Mark is nothing like me. He’s a complete arsehole. But by the end of the book he’s a much better person than I’ll ever be – and all in under four hundred pages. That’s fiction for you.

2) Is this book all about sex and drugs and rock an roll?
Absolutely not. It’s only 40% sex, 30% drugs, 10% rock n roll, 10% soppy bits and 10% filler.

3) Is it true that some characters in this book are based on real people?
Absolutely. The character of Uncle Rupert is based on former Australian Prime Minister, John Howard.

4) Is it true that you had to take out a lot of the big words for Australian readers?
No. It’s a common misconception in New Zealand that all Australians are thick. In fact no more than 50% to 60% of Australians can be so classified.

5) Can I have a book for free?