Review by Gillian D.

I got my copy on a Saturday afternoon and had finished it by Sunday afternoon. I read long into the night taking only meal and coffee breaks, such was the intrigue at how the central character was going to smash down the emotional prison he inhabited.

The top story that carries the book along is a jam-packed whirlwind tale of experiences and exciting adventures attributable to a young man with a relentless gnawing restlessness – the language is tight, fresh and fast paced; dare I say almost punkish in its style:-) It has plenty of humour and wit to carry things along but the emotional backdrop is something else altogether. The reader gets laconic glimpses all the way through of the denial, pain, anger and despair that is at the root of the the main character’s emotional struggle. His relentless need to keep ‘moving on’ means his emotions stay stunted/in limbo until the self denial stories and antics begins to crumble; the previously effective survival behaviours of the past are no longer working – serious stuff is coming up whether he wants it to or not. Thank goodness for some family members who despite their own turmoil manage to come to each other’s rescue. It is indeed a poignant peek into the male psyche not often unveiled.

I thought this book was terrific; I felt like I’d been on a road trip myself by the time I’d finished!!- there were so many things being conveyed. In fact, I think I may have to read it again it to fully access all the layers I know are there. Great job Jonathan.