The Road Behind

“…a love story like no other”

THE ROAD BEHIND …is a roller coaster ride through the seventies, eighties and nineties, as protagonist Mark Kidman traces a circuitous route from his childhood, in New Zealand and England, to fatherhood and impending middle age in Melbourne. It’s told from a number of perspectives as it crisscrosses the Tasman, swirls around Sydney and Melbourne, digs into Central Australia and circles the globe.

Mark flies into Sydney – as the singer of a punk band – full of expectations of success. But when his girlfriend takes off and the band goes nowhere, he hits the road in search of adventure.

As a bouncer, a taxi driver, a set builder, an actor and a writer, he’s constantly on the move. But as he powers along he is often overtaken by his past: his fragmented family, his numerous failed relationships and the ghosts of his brothers and friends. Again and again the road behind engulfs the road ahead.

A journey of self discovery, an adventure and a picaresque romp, The Road Behind weaves through cities and outback, though the masculine and the feminine, though the dark side and the light side.

Through sex and drugs and rock n roll, through life and death and an empty soul, Mark explores the physical space around him and the emotional space within. By journey’s end, he’s covered a lot of ground and come closer to himself, his family, his past, and his future.

‘A wild narrative of energy and brevity.’ John Clarke

‘Lust, loss and redemption collide in a love story like no other.’ Helen Cerne

The Road Behind

ISBN 978-0-9803500-3-6 Vanark Press

The Road Behind by Jonathan Griffiths